To Our Friends and Valued Customers,

I would like to thank you for your interest (if you are new to Cressman’s), or for being a valued client over the years. I want to take this time to shed some light on some recent changes at Cressman’s. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I recently closed Cressman’s Lawn and Tree Care.  This was not an easy decision, but in the end I feel it was the right decision.

Cressman’s is all about family. It was my hope to one day retire and leave my son Shawn to take over our legacy, but sometimes plans change. Shawn’s wife, as a dedicated member of the United States Air Force, was transferred out of Pennsylvania. As a result, Shawn needed to leave our business to support his family, thus our vision for the future needed to change.  After exploring all of our options to continue forward I was faced with the toughest business decision I’ve ever had to make. I decided to close the business and seek employment elsewhere.

There’s a happy ending. I am proud to announce that it is my great fortune to have found Plantique. The majority of my staff and myself have all been welcomed into the Plantique family, and I encourage you to join us as a customer. They have been providing exceptional landscaping services to the Lehigh Valley since 1948.  We share the same high level of integrity and dedication to our work, so I assure you that you will receive the same customer care and quality you have grown to love with Cressman’s. Plus, you will be able to speak with me directly anytime.

To help you with a seamless transition, Plantique has vowed to honor all service contracts and pricing through the 2015 season. And as an added bonus will hold your price steady for the next three years with a signed three-year contract with Plantique.

Again, thank you for your support of Cressman’s Lawn and Tree Care. I greatly hope you will consider joining me at Plantique. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 610-395-6940.

For more information please visit

Most sincerely,

Paul Cressman

Cell Phone: 484-223-7954

Plantique Contact Information:
Main Office: 610-395-6940
Branch Manager: Justin Schink